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    WTB Automotive bearings adheres to the principle of exquisite production technology, and provides automotive bearing products and quality services to meet the different needs of customers. WTB has accumulated rich production and technical experience in the automotive wheel bearing and automotive wheel hub assemblies industry, and has continuously improved standards and core technical capabilities. At the same time, it has continuously introduced technical talents to increase the automatic assembly line of automotive bearings, thereby better ensuring the quality and use of automotive bearings. life. WTB automotive bearings are produced in strict accordance with the TS16949:2009 quality management system, with complete process control, which greatly improves the product qualification rate. At the same time, WTB automotive bearings strictly control the following points:

Quality assurance process

    The company has passed TS16949:2009 quality management system certification. And promise to customers, will strictly implement and maintain the established quality management system, in order to achieve the ability to stably provide products that meet the needs of customers and their needs and applicable laws and regulations, combined with the actual situation of the company, identify, establish, implement and continue Improve the following quality management system process.

Resource management process

    This process stipulates that to achieve the quality policy, quality objectives and continuous improvement of the performance of the quality management system, to determine and provide the necessary resources to support the full and effective operation of other quality management system processes.

Management Responsibility Process

    The company has always planned and formulated quality policies, quality objectives and quality management systems for the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction. It defines the responsibilities, authorities and mutual relations of quality-related management, execution and verification personnel, and clearly improves through customer satisfaction. The performance of the company. Designate the management representative to carry out the company's internal and external communication to promote customer awareness and improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. This process will determine the direction and tasks of other quality management system processes and pass The results of the implementation are reviewed to promote continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Product realization process

    This process determines the workflow sequence of assembly processing, sales, procurement, logistics, import and export document processing, etc. based on the orderly and effective principles. The criteria and methods required to ensure the effective operation and control of each process, such as job requirements, The corresponding operation instructions have been formulated. For the specific service items required by the customer, the company will plan accordingly according to the requirements of TS16949:2009 quality management system certification.

Measurement, analysis and improvement process

    The company leads and organizes the company's quality management system improvement, and each functional department monitors the quality management system process according to the relevant documents, and measures, analyzes, and improves the results of the quality management system implementation. This process will be responsible for management, etc. The process provides improved information and the basis for decision-making, which contributes to the improvement of the quality management system process. In addition, based on the principle of focusing on customers, the company has formulated and implemented corresponding procedures for the collection and analysis of customer satisfaction, customer complaints and other information, and manages the annual feedback of customers and the results of internal audits. The review meeting fully discussed and formulated corresponding improvement measures to achieve the goal of continuous improvement. At the same time, the company planned the corresponding control procedures, made corresponding management of documents and records, the evaluation and training of employees' capabilities, the selection and periodic evaluation of suppliers, the monitoring and detection of products and processes, and the disposal of non-conforming products. Provisions to comply with TS16949:2009 standard requirements, related requirements and laws and regulations.

Manufacturing and control process

Use auto bearing assembly line.

Use internal testing laboratories to verify products.

Sealing materials and design are optimized for use in harsh environments.

Test, measure and inspect the purchased materials and parts to ensure compliance.

Measure and select rolling elements and raceways to ensure proper bearing preload after assembly.

After assembling the ABS sensor, the output pass rate of the ABS sensor will be checked according to OEM regulations 100%.

The rolling elements and internal geometry are designed according to OEM specifications and verified through fatigue calculations and bench tests.

Product advantages

Improve vehicle steering accuracy.

Higher dynamic and static loads.

Precise Wheel hub pretension and assembly tolerance.

The Wheel hub is meeting strict fatigue requirements to reduce premature failure.

The diameter of the oil throw ring of the main shaft is large, the outer diameter of the inner ring is large, and the diameter of the hub is small, which improves the stability of the ball contact trajectory when the lateral force is large.

The launch of the HD wheel hub assembly has taken its wheel hub assembly line to a new level, further improving the durability of the overall design and improving performance.

To improve the durability and performance of the wheel hub, and to prevent human errors caused by incorrect torque, the roll forming technology has been innovative. Roll forming technology provides precise bearing preload for the hub assembly and improves overall strength so that the ball cage joint and knuckle can be firmly clamped for optimal vehicle safety.

Testing Equipment

Wheel hub sealing test

Leakage grease and increasing temperature test

Wheel hub life test

Endurance test 

Hightemperature durability test

Wheel hub torque test

Mud & salt splashing test

Wheel hub fatigue test

Bolts retention test

Spindle rotary fatigue test

    WTB Automotive Bearing understands the importance of producing high-quality products with competitive prices, and is committed to providing customers with the best quality products at the most favorable prices and creating the greatest value for customers.