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Hub Bearing of A Wheel  

WANTAI Wheel Bearing

WANTAI is a professional manufacturer and supplier on wheel bearings, wheel hub units, wheel bearing kits, brake disc kits, truck bearings, agricultural hub, control arm kits etc .We pay high attention to quality.Our company has passed ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification.Our products are widely used in all kinds of medium and high-class cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, including: FIAT, ALFAROMEO, DACIA, VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, BMW, CITROEN, DAEWOO, FORD, CHEVROLET, DODGE, BUICK, GMC, CHRYSLER, HONDA, HYUNDAI, ISUZU, KIA, LADA, MAZDA, MERCEDES-BENZ, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, OPEL, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, ROVER, SAAB, SEAT, SKODA, LANCIA, SUBARU, SUZUKI, TOYOTA, VOLVO, IVECO the best solution for The hub of a wheel etc .We mainly export to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

How do I find a solution for the hub of a wheel?

Wheel hub problems are often discovered while ruling out other sources for the squealing and grinding sounds coming from that area of the vehicle or the gradually increasing vibration noticed by the driver. Because such symptoms – odd noises, vibration, deterioration in handling, etc. – are common to a variety of suspension and steering system parts, it is often through the process of elimination that the need to replace this part becomes apparent. Once it is determined for sure that this is the source of the vehicle’s problems, however, the repair should be made as soon as possible in order to avoid causing damage to other parts or a dangerous road situation. Those that are fairly skilled at performing automotive repair projects at home are likely to find the replacement of the hub and related parts more time consuming than challenging. Any repair is more likely to last longer when made with quality parts

From safely negotiating a tight turn on a winding country road to changing lanes on the freeway, you depend on your vehicle to steer exactly where you want it to every time you jump in the driver’s seat. Have you ever thought about what enables you to turn left and right and go straight down the road? You might be surprised to learn that small part called a wheel hub assembly is a key component of your steering system.

What is a wheel hub assembly?

Responsible for attaching the wheel to the car, a wheel hub assembly is a pre-assembled unit that features precision bearings, seals and sensors. Also called a wheel hub bearing, hub assembly, wheel hub unit or hub and bearing assembly, the wheel hub assembly is a crucial part of your steering system contributing to the safe steering and handling of your vehicle.

Where is it located?

On each wheel, you’ll find the wheel hub assembly between the drive axle and the brake drums or discs. On the brake disc side, the wheel is attached to the bolts of the wheel hub assembly. While on the side of the drive axle, the hub assembly is mounted to the steering knuckle either as a bolt-on or press-in assembly.

To see the wheel hub assembly, you’ll need to remove the wheel and then remove the brake caliper and brake rotor.

What does a hub assembly do?

First and foremost, the wheel hub assembly keeps your wheel attached to your vehicle and allows the wheels to freely turn enabling you to safely steer.

How do I know if I have a bad wheel hub assembly?

A failing wheel hub assembly can present a variety of symptoms including:

What can happen if I drive with a damaged wheel hub assembly?

Driving with a bad wheel hub assembly is dangerous. As the bearings inside the assembly become worn out, they can cause the wheels to stop turning smoothly. Your vehicle can become shaky and the wheels not secure. In addition, if the hub assembly degrades, the steel can fracture and cause the wheel to come off.

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