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Are Bearings Prone to Rust During Rainy Days During Transportation?

Jul. 07, 2020

As a Wheel Bearing Manufacturer, share with you. We know that once the bearing is rusted, it will affect the service life of the bearing, which will also endanger the working efficiency. It will also correspondingly increase the investment of enterprise business capital, so it is very important for enterprises to prevent bearing rust, so what are the methods?

Wheel Bearing Kits

Wheel Bearing Kits

1. A lot of bearing rust is due to the effect of moisture or strong acids and alkalis, which should be eliminated in time.

When we use diesel, we must choose the quality that meets the standard. It cannot be a poor quality product with too much water content, otherwise it will affect the bearing rust, and at the same time, we cannot wipe the bearing with strong acid and alkali, which can easily cause rust.

When the bearing is drenched in water, we should use professional motor oil or high-quality diesel for spitting, and then use a thicker plastic film to wrap it. At the same time, it is better to wrap a layer of kraft paper around it, which can prevent moisture, damage, and isolation. Air, so it will not rust.

2. Anti-rust method during transportation

Bearings are subject to rainy weather or harsh environments during transportation. It is easy to cause bearing rust. At this time, it is best to wrap the bearing to better achieve sealability, so that it will not be oxidized or corroded due to moisture. It is best to put a layer of plastic material on the outside of the package to prevent moisture from the bearing during transportation.

Therefore, in our daily use, during storage, or during long-distance transportation, the bearing should pay more attention to moisture and rust or corrosion and rust due to strong acids and alkalis. We must learn to seal the packaging. , Wrapped in plastic or kraft paper to prevent corrosion and rust caused by moisture. Mastering these methods is our reasonable protection of bearing material dependence, and at the same time also depends on ensuring the efficiency of work.

How to disassemble the bearing

It is necessary to carry out regular disassembly of the bearing, and regular disassembly of it is to facilitate its maintenance and check whether it is in any condition. If something goes wrong, it is time to replace it. Disassemble. There are special methods for bearings, which cannot be disassembled at will. If there is no installation and disassembly method, then it is easy to cause a certain degree of damage to the machine and bearings. When disassembling the bearing, pay attention to the use of special disassembly tools, and do not damage the components connected to it.

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