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WANTAI Number: WT7001

OEM Number

1413785 1439070

Reference Number




Product Information
Inner Diameter2.6771 in
Outer Diameter5.0000 in
Width4.5275 in
RollerGCr15 GB/T18254
Inner RingGCr15 GB/T18254
Outer RingGCr15 GB/T18254
Roller HardnessHRC61-65
Raceway HardnessHRC60-64
Inner Ring HardnessHRC60-65
Outer Ring HardnessHRC60-65

     Truck bearing are ground by diamond rollers.We make sure each product's grinding time is more than 90 seconds,so as to improve truck bearing accuracy and quality's stability.Truck bearing are 100% inspected,and the pass rate is over 99.5%. Warranty period is 30,000 kilometers per year.

The product comes with the best materials ensuring high quality, durability, maximum performance, objectivity, and reliability. The installation is not a drag, and it’s hassle-free. The equipment is proven to be compatible with several vehicles such as Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer, and so on. The seals pre-fit in the product drive superior quality and protects against pollution. The seals act as a block against irritating vibrations, noises, and annoying loose steering. The seal also prevents corrosion, contamination, and rusting of the equipment. The equipment is highly durable and inexpensive. WanTai wheel hub and bearing assembly come with coated bolts which make fixing and dismantling tasks much more comfortable.If you have any question on Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly Volkswagen,Mercedes Benz Wheel Hub bearing Assembly,wheel hub bearing. We will give the professional answers to your short questions. If you need, welcome to contact us to know more!

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